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…with perfect booze, delicious food,and six pinches of madness.

[Sure, there’s the best beer in town. Delicious nibbles. Wholesome dishes –
from Thai to Mexican. And groovy live music. But what really makes
The Barge the perfect brew of beautiful and bonkers, *pardon the cheese* is you.

With your hair down, you. With your absurd nicknames for your buddies.
Your conversations, switching from Netflix to neuroscience and back.
Your rediscoveries of songs you last heard in 2009. Your semi-sober
exclamations of: “My god, the beer!” or “Who made this? Can I kiss them?”
or “Dude, we all know the lyrics! Stop yelling them out!”

What we’re saying is: we love you too, and keep it coming!]


Best booze in town

Many, Many Cuisines


Gig Every Friday

Our Brews

All the King:REAL PALE ALE

The royal-hued king of all Ales. Takes you on a honey-flavoured, fruit-scented, and quite a soothing voyage around your own breezy head.Alcohol 5.0 % abv.


Think of a run in the woods. Quick sharp turns. Fruity. Spicy. Unpredictable. But when you stop, a cool breeze tickles your warm skin, and you can’t help but smile and start again. Alcohol 4.5% abv.

Bullionaire:GOLDEN LAGER

Glitters like gold. Tastes like perfectly brewed continental Lager.With the rousing aroma of an authentic hop from the Saaz region that screams: ‘Wake up, land-dweller. Carpe!’ Alcohol 4.5% abv.

Indian Aleways:INDIAN PALE ALE

A little more Indian than that neighbor of yours who calls zeroes ‘Oh’s after 2 years in the U.S. Also more aromatic, shapely, and lovely-amber-skinned. Alcohol 5% abv.

Shipwrecker: Maverick Stout Beer

A heaven-sent (feels like it is, but it’s really made at The Barge (shhh)) brew for the booze-connoisseur. A rich, dark, and invitingly bitter blend of roasted malt, coffee and chocolate. P.S. *Not* for the faint-hearted. Alcohol 5.5% abv.


OUR Foods

Delicious, both on your tongue andyour Instagram handle.

Our kitchen, at The Barge, is a bit like Noah’s ark. If the world’s ending and you don’t know which foods to save, peek in — there’s something of everything in there. From that Moroccan starter your dad once saw on a travel&living channel, to Mysore-stylepizzas with things your gran wouldnever have dreamed of putting on dough. And in between, a wide (*really* wide) range ofoh-so-photogenic cuisines from around the world — soups, salads, appetizers, pastas, burgers, grills, desserts.

How long’s the menu then, you ask. Good question. Here:


our Gigs

Without music, Friday nights would just B-Flat.

Every Friday at The Barge, a bunch of great musicians gather up some courage (or find some in our mugs) and bare their souls on the performance stage. Bleeding all sorts oftunes. Retro rock.Pop.Grunge.Jazz. Even those catchy mainstream ones you sometimes pretend not to love. And some days, it’s just one dude/dudette on stage, crooning with an acoustic guitar in hand.

This week, from a small nearby town called Bengaluru, are four socially awkward but musically gifted lads, together called ‘Band Name’.